Pinky Murphy's Café


Pictures of Pinky's before the doors open. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Downstairs at Pinky's

Upstairs at Pinky's

Pinky's Garden

Outside at Pinky's

December 18th feeling blue, sat at home what shall I do. Think of a place that I would like to be, the sun the sand and fowey's deep blue sea. And a place full of warmth, and summer cheer, the platters, watercress soup and ginger beer. So on goes the lap top and what should I find, but pinky murphy's website, and I am suddenly there, if but only in my mind. Thanks for the memory cant wait to return. Kerry in Chesterfield

It doesn't matter which chair you end up sat in, it's comfortable.

Pinky Murphy's

Meet me at Pinky Murphy’s, come as you are,
there’s bacon in the pan
and coffee in the jar.
Throw on a t-shirt
pull on some threads,
meet me at Pinky Murphy’s when you roll out of bed.

Cross on the ferry,
sail round the cove
bring your ready money,
bring me your love,
come and help me knit one
come and help me purl one
bring your new surfboard,
let’s go and curl one.

Come in your camper van,
come on your bike,
order the goat’s cheese,
order what you like,
climb to the sail loft,
slouch by the fire -
cheer up honey pie,
the sun’s getting higher.

Meet me at Pinky Murphy’s when the tide is in,
play me some ska,
give me some skin,
cut me some walnut cake,
cut me some slack,
meet me at Pinky Murphy’s when the tide rolls back.

Kindly written
Stephen Boyce

With its ramshackle beach-hut stylings – stripy director's chairs, salvage-chic furniture, beanbags for kids – this laid-back hangout is a good bet for sating savoury cravings.

Inexplainably (but brilliantly!) there's a bucket of unfinished knitting by some of the tables, which means if you fancy it, you can add to the scarf that someone started last year!

Elvis lamp, piggy bank and hula hula girl at Pinky Murphy's Café