Pinky Murphy's Café
The front of Pinkys Murphy's Café. Inside Pinky Murphy's Café.

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Welcome to Pinky Murphy's Café

We in Fowey and are open all year round, 9:30 to 4:30 everyday
So why not chill out outside with a fresh smoothie in the summer or blag one of the sofas and get cosy with a Pinky's FatBoy hot chocolate in the winter.

Top question about Pinky Murphys is always where did the name come from?

Answer: Pinky - First Pet and Murphy - mothers maiden name.

Second question is what do you call this style of decor?

Answer: Jane doesn't know, in fact I'm sure she's still not finished yet.

Just pop in relax and enjoy yourself!

I love this place! The eclectic mix of stuff, the way nothing matches, the way the tables are named after singers instead of numbered, the laid back attitude & last but not least the great food!

"Is it hot enough?" thermometer at Pinky Murphy's Café